Tiwanaku was the first major civilization in the Americas which lasted for over 27 and one half centuries from roughly 1580 BC to 1172 AD, far longer than the Roman Empire. The pre-hispanic metropolis of the Tiwanaku near the shores of Lake Titicaca in the La Paz department, was the capital of an Andean state that stretched over present day northewest Argentina, northern Chile from Copiapó to the Atacama desert, and occidental Bolivia. In a full day excursion get to know the segrets of the Tiwanaku civilization, which was considered one of the most important in the Americas, achieved amazing advances in science, art, and agriculture, and which is placed among the great ancient civilizations of the world, which differ from others through the construction of temples in the form of pyramids.

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Today, we will take you to know the most important archaeological ruins in Bolivia. The ruins of Tiawanaku, witnesses of the first high level culture of the South American continent that amazes for being monumental and for the perfection of their design and construction. In a surface of 30 ha, you will observe the foundations of an enormous compound of several temples. Among them it is the temple Kalasasaya in whose interior the famous Door of the Sun, the Ponce Monolith and the Friar Monolith are. Also, you will know the semi undergorund temple with its stone-carved heads. In the afternoon, return to La Paz. (- / L / -).




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